Are You On Track?

A space ship on the way to the moon adjusts it’s trajectory in tiny bursts of fuel. These bursts are millimetre accurate and must be done within nano seconds of the rocket moving off course. If the burst is delayed two seconds the space ship is travelling at such speed that it can be thousands of kilometres off course and there may not be enough fuel to bring it back on track.

You are a space ship. You’re travelling through your life at an incredible speed. And it’s accelerating. The pace of life is getting faster. Some say we do the equivalent of 30 days productivity in one hour now compared to just 40 years ago. So, getting off track in your life can be cruel and expensive and you may not have the energy or resources to get back on track if you leave it too long.

Walk through the hospital and ask patients whether their visit was avoidable and the answer is, according to recent studies, 70% yes, They just didn’t see the signs. A hospital is the most expensive seminar on earth.

I’ve managed to narrow down the window to help people get back on track. It is normally six months to a year and potentially a few hospital trips. I’ve compressed this into 30 days, including cardio adjustment, stress detox, mind calming practices and business/career turnaround. But once you’re back on track, how do you stay there using micro adjustments that don’t cost time and energy?

Early warning signs:

The best intervention is an early one. To step in, self-diagnose being off track and to make small corrections, even if it means my support once in a while, is a far smarter strategy for life than letting things go until they hit tsunami proportions.

Well you’ll know it if ur not – ten signs of off track are:

  1. Feeling horny
  2. Feeling hungry
  3. Feeling impatient
  4. Feeling tired
  5. Feeling frustrated
  6. Feeling victim / blaming
  7. Feeling uncertain
  8. Feeling misunderstood
  9. Feeling like you need a break (let hair down)