Think inspired 

is there such a day as a bad weather day? Well, to me not. There’s just different clothing days.

What are you going to let influence your day? Is there a bad person on a bus day? Or a things didn’t

T go right for me today – day. Maybe you allow that floss to turn your day into a non day – and in doing so, kill off any change of making it an inspired day.

So you drive to work and there’s traffic? Do you make this a frustrating day? Or do you say to yourself “what’s the gift in this situation.”

We are all blessed beyond our recognition. Rain is a blessing, traffic is a blessing. Being tired is a blessing. Feeling insecure is a blessing,  Working hard is a blessing, having a blew at home is a blessing. There are no accidents. Nature’s laws are always present. You don’t have to be a new age hipster to see the blessing.

If you want to think inspired thoughts, have an inspired day, love an inspired life you don’t need good luck on your side. What you need is x-Ray vision. When you see through the fog of your own false expectations you see the inspiration. Oh, by the way, it’s not always smart to blurt it out “oh, what an inspiring day.”

It’s not wise to vocalise.

Deathly silence is the only certainty you can ever have. Blurting out “it’s an inspiring day” is just seeking approval and one other law of nature is “for everyone who agrees with you someone will disagree (nature seeks balance in all things)”

It’s not wise to change your trajectory in life just because it’s an inspiring day. Changing trajectory is akin to seeking pleasure in your work, which again fights nature at the heart. (You evolve at the border of support and challenge) – confused?

I heard one coach advocate “work with who you like, where you like, on what you like” – great marketing. But that’s where work life balance goes pear shaped. Calamity follows such a model because that individual will start thinking that doing things they don’t like, in places they don’t like, with people they don’t like is bad. It’s not bad, it’s essential. You grow (evolve) at the border of support and challenge, don’t avoid clients you don’t like, go to them and work through your stuff, just as you do when you are sitting in a traffic jam or on a rainy day, find the gift, inspire yourself, don’t let the weather dictate your mood, stay inspired.