Using the Manifestation Process

Follow The Creation Formula

The formula on this page is a summary of actions that can help you translate your inspired loves into tangible realities.

First know your purpose. You will define it.

Your Soul speaks in pictures, these become pictures and words in your brain and feelings of love in your heart.

Then you write these visions, callings and feelings down on paper in detail as if you have already achieved them. Write your visions in the present tense.

  1. Purpose +
  2. Thought +
  3. Vision +
  4. Affirmation (Words of Power) +
  5. Feeling +
  6. Writing in Space and Time +
  7. Persistent Action with Energy on Matter +
  8. Thankfulness ‘
  9. Creation / Manifestation

You Know Your Purpose

You have a purpose, a chief aim for life.

When you perceive yourself fulfilling this purpose you grow in self worth.

When you perceive yourself not fulfilling this purpose you decay in self worth,… you self destruct.

Anything you can accomplish is not your purpose… but sub-goals are accomplishable.

All accomplished goals are but stepping stones along your path of purpose.

Your purpose is expressed in three ways, by your state of being, your doing and your having.

Write Your Purpose Statement

1. Review your love list, while reflecting on its magnificence.

2. Thank your Soul for revealing to you this list of loves.

3. Then ask your Soul what it would love for you to fulfill.

Ask for your mission… purpose… calling… vision… your Divine design by tuning in to what you would love to dedicate your life to.

4. Write this revelation in the Be, Do and Have sequence.

Clarify Your Purpose

The clearer your primary purpose the more you will live and fulfil it. The more all your secondary objectives for each of the seven areas of life align with your primary purpose, the more fulfilling your life becomes.

Like the whole which is greater than the sum of the parts, your statement of purpose represents the whole or primary fundamental decision in your life.

Once this master purpose is acknowledged or set, all further secondary or other choices and objectives can be more effectively made. All further choices stem from your primary choice. If your primary choice is based on your loves, then all further choices will follow. Without a clear fundamental choice all other derivative choices become more illusive and difficult. Uncertainty is the result.

No matter what life choices you make, each choice has a balance of pros and cons, so why not base your choices on your loves which bring the most fulfilment. Fulfilment involves an evolution including both biased illusionary perceptions called pro (good) and con (bad).

Dedicate, commit, or will your life to your purpose, mission, vision, chief, aim, master plan – Divine design. Once you commit to your purpose the universe begins its immediate supports and challenges all for the fulfilment of your mission.

Your purpose without a commitment will be but a mere flash of your imagination and will be void of clarity and inspiration. So have commitment to and constancy of purpose. Be unwavering. Stay on purpose. Perceptions of being on purpose lead to actions which lead to rewards. Purpose leads to procedures leads to results. Grab a hold of and stay with your life’s big picture. Discipline yourself. The pain of regret outweighs the pain of discipline. The secret of fulfilment and success is constancy of purpose.

Link All Seven Areas of Your Life To Your Purpose You Love

Spiritual Mental Career Health Relationship Social Financial

How do each of the seven areas of life help you fulfil your life’s purpose? Next to each area above, tell how time spent within each area will help you fulfil your purpose and allow you to experience more of your life’s balance.

Think What You Would Love

If you wish to succeed in any undertaking whatsoever, it is vital that you concentrate upon that which you intend to do. You will move in the direction of your dominant thought. Since thought is always emphasising something, it is wise to concentrate on your flowers, not your weeds. Your flowers are those inspiring ideas and thoughts you would love to bring into reality. Your weeds are the tangential thoughts or lower priority obstacles.

When you are grateful and your mind is attuned to your Soul the only ideas that flash into your mind are those of flowers. Gratefulness sharpens concentration. When you are present, your mind becomes clear and focused on what you love.

What you think and thank about, you bring about! Think and thank about what you would love daily!

Visualise What You Would Love

Visualise your purpose and list of loves as often as possible. Three times a day is great. See in your mind’s eye their fulfilment. See yourself in a picture where your loves are already being lived. What you see is what you get. Stretch your vision. Your vision is the spark which your actions make the inferno. Visualise and focus on what you do love, not on what you don’t, your purpose not your illusive problems. Exclude all other interests from your mind.

Whatever you consistently see, germinates, grows and manifests into reality. Add clarity by clearly focusing your mind’s picture. Focus on ever finer detail so as to become present with the image. Vividness brings vitality.

Do an experiment. See how long you can maintain an inspiring sample picture or idea in your mind. If you can truly hold any one picture or idea in your mind for more than seven seconds, you are exceptional. Until you can hold on to your picture or idea long enough for it to begin manifesting, your many other scattering pictures or ideas will overtake and weaken it. When any other picture or idea enters your mind, pluck it out and return to your chosen focus. By focusing on ever finer detail of the desired picture or idea you minimise other scattering pictures and ideas. Once you plant your flowers, don’t let the weeds take over. Pluck out the weeds. Every time a weed is pulled, the flowers become more visible.

Your eyes are your radio dials that allow you to tune in to your mind’s many stations. Each eye position tunes into a different station. Memory and imagination, are simply lop-sided past and future eye settings, stations illusively filtered from the universal Mind of eternal Presence. So centre your two outer eyes upward then centre your inner mind’s eye on your purpose. Once your two outer eyes become one inner eye, your third eye comes into being. Your third eye transcends boundaries of space, time and matter. Your third eye attracts instantaneous manifestations.

Self Talk – Affirm What You Would Love

Every statement you make to yourself or others leaves an imprint on your own mind.

Statements continually repeated over time whether true or false, whether to yourself or others, become believed. When you talk to yourself, you don’t have to believe yourself at first in order for reactions to set in. Once the reactions start happening, they may lead your mind to places where you find yourself believing yourself after all. You probably have a lie that you have told yourself for so long that you now even believe it yourself. As a result of this lie your life is now impacted.

For a new inspiring conviction to arise in you, you are to everyday, say the same inspiring words, hear the same inspiring words and apply these same words to your life. Words you say to yourself daily have power. They can help you transform your insides and outsides. They help put you in tune with what you are going to do. When you say these powerful and inspiring words to yourself keep the following guidelines in mind.

Do use words in the present tense, not future or past.

Do use words that describe realities that are possible.

Do not use absolute statements such as always and never.

Do use words implying a balance of polarities.

Do use simple words constructed in brief phrases.

Do use words that give feelings of love and inspiration.

Do use words you are willing to say to yourself for life.

Do use words you can link to your favourite sensory associations.

Sight (your favourite picture) Sound (your favourite music) Place (your favourite scene) Smell (your favourite fragrance) Taste (your favourite food)

Feel (your favourite texture)

Write the seven most inspiring and meaningful words of power’ statements or affirmations you would love to say to yourself multiple times daily for the rest of your life.

When writing these words keep the previous guidelines in mind.

Some samples include:
I am a genius and I apply my wisdom. I am a master of persistence.
I do what I love and love what I do.


Now have these lifetime words of power recorded onto an audio cassette tape.

State them to yourself clearly and with feeling. Have someone you respect also afterwards state them to you. Consider having your favorite piece of music playing in the background while you do these tapings.

Feel What You Would Love

Thoughts blended with feelings penetrate through barriers that no thoughts alone can travel through. When an intentional thought is blended with a feeling it is able to reach and extend out as far as the feeling will allow it. It will impact whatever resonates with the vibrations of the individual thought-feeling. A guitar, when strum at a particular note, will impact any nearby guitars with the same potential note or string tens-ion. Feelings set the tone scale.

When you attune to the higher balanced frequencies of the universal forces, you have the most penetrating power and can resonate on the most inspiring and love filled levels. So too, when you have gratitude, you open your heart and you allow the love filled inspirations to come into your brain to be put into transformational action. When you attune to the lower frequency vibrations of the bodily senses you draw to you their resonating emotional circumstances. These are fear and guilt based. They attract those experiences they resonate with. What you fear comes near.

Your feelings can fluctuate throughout an infinite scale from Unconditional Love to conditional, bipolar emotions, from the highest potential frequencies to the lowest kinetic ones. Feelings may rise and fall through innumerable octaves. Gratitude shortens the wavelength, and ingratitude lengthens it.

There are four magical feelings that help you fulfil your purpose. They are self-generating perpetual feelings that help you evolve. GIVE….





Write What You Would Love

Writing acts as the first step in translating intangible ideas into tangible reality. Writing acts as a commitment. A short pencil is better than a long memory in bringing ideas into form. Writing crystallises your enlightening thought flashes so as to make them perceivable and achievable. There is a magic to writing. This is why writing your list of loves is so powerful.

Review and if necessary rewrite your love list often. Update this list. Add details as they become clear. Inspired writing is the best. It requires little editing and when read it births inspired actions.

Be sure when writing your lists of loves, that you include reasonable space and time frames for their manifestations. Being as specific as you can in time and space helps your mind and body take more powerful actions with greater ease.

Act What You Would Love

When you attune to your bodily senses you react to the world around you. When you attune to your Soul you act from inspiration within, upon the world around you. Reaction is less powerful than action. Action with inspiration is vital. Soul guided inspirations give order to mental chaos. They straighten out priorities and initiate wise action.

Every morning, stop and sit for a moment and ask your Soul for wise council or guidance. Ask for its inspirational or intuitional prompting. Ask your Soul to provide you with the seven highest priority action steps that you can do that day that will help you fulfill your purpose or mission on earth. Write these actions down and follow them in priority.

When you follow your priorities you rise. When you don’t, you tend to fall. An orderly, prioritized mind has more power than a disorderly, unprioritized one. Rise to the ABCs or you will fall for the XYZs.

Your highest priority actions will be ones providing a loving service to others. Make it the habit of doing more loving service than others are expecting; more than they actually pay for.


Daily Priorities

What are the seven highest priority action steps I can do today that will help me fulfil my purpose in life?

#1______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________

#2______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________

#3______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________

#4______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________

#5______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________

#6______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________

#7______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________

I am wise . . . I prioritise.
I accomplish my high priorities daily.
I do ABCs not XYZs and I fulfil my dreams.

I do what I love and love what I do.

Energise What You Would Love

Your Breath of Life

Energy is infinite and universally available. It permeates the earthly atmosphere as cosmic rays, light particles or electromagnetically charged, bipolar (+/–) ions. It has been given many names and has been used to convert matter into various forms.

Your diaphragm allows you to capture and transform this universal ionized energy, (once called prana or ether) into physical or mental actions. You may call it inspiration. Your diaphragm, with the help of your upper respiratory system and its nasal ionizing mechanism allows you to maintain your mind in emotional balance. Though there are three phases to the breath, the diaphragmatic, the thoracic and the clavicular (collar bone), the diaphragmatic phase is the most important. Your diaphragm allows you to efficiently breathe the breath of life.

Life begins with the first breath and ends with the last. The quality and quantity of energy you receive, transform and generate is a reflection of the quality and quantity of your breath. When you have a balanced breath you generate great power. As your breath wanders, so does your mind. As your mind wanders, so does your breath. Balancing and centring your breathing will balance and centre your mind. A balanced mind has access to enormous energy.

As you breathe, your inhalations will stimulate you, your exhalations will sedate you. You will notice this when you are about to be in front of a group of people to speak or sing. Your breathing will adjust according to your emotions.

Inhalations facilitate the extensor muscles of the body and stimulate the sympathetic nervous system which awakens you. Exhalations inhibit these same systems, but facilitate the flexor muscles of the body and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which relaxes you to sleep. Long inhalations and short exhalations wake you up and elate you. Long exhalations and short inhalations put you to sleep and depress you. A balanced ratio of inhalation to exhalation will balance out your emotions and make you grateful with love.

To balance out your mind with its tic – toc of emotions, begin to inhale to the count of seven and then exhale to the count of seven. Balance long slow breaths with short fast breaths. Use your nose. Your mouth is for more laboured stressful breathing. Inhale and exhale at the ratio of one to one. One to one breathing will bring your mind and body into the peaceful now. Lop-sided breathing will bring your mind into the past or future, guilt or fear. Rigid breathing reflects a rigid mind.

Don’t force your breath, just breathe. Universal energy is just a breath away. Your Soul’s inspirations are just a breath away. To be inspired, inspire. Powerful people have powerful breaths and are filled with>creative or transformable energy.

Energy is infinite, once you recognise and utilise its Source. Besides a balanced breath, your inspired thoughts, vivid visions, clear affirmations and loving feelings clear out your portals of infinite energy.

Materialize What You Would Love

Material substance in the universe is infinite, unlimited and transformable. All tangible, visible and materialized forms manifest after intangible, invisible, and intelligent thoughts or creative ideas give them shape. All materialized form has something formless behind it. Material substance is brought into form through persistence of thought.

Do not limit your sources of material substance. Do not let your finite mind hinder your infinite possibilities. All resources needed to manifest your dominant thoughts are abounding. Matter is passively waiting for clearly defined dominant thoughts.

Don’t overly question or doubt how universal matter will become materialized into form, just be thankful and know that it will. Just keep following the Creation Formula provided for you in this book.

Be Thankful For What You Love

Your Source of Inspirations

A daily seven step exercise that you will find extremely rewarding, is given below. Do this exercise in the morning upon awakening into this dream world and at night upon sleeping into the other dream world. It will help you live with more inspirations, enthusiasm, gratitude and unconditional love.

First: Turn your head up 45 degrees.

Second: Turn your eyes up another 45 degrees.

Third: Close your eyelids loosely.

Fourth: Begin inwardly thanking all the people who have helped you become who you are today.

Fifth: Continue this thankfulness until your heart opens and you feel a state of Unconditional love, until tears of inspiration come pouring forth. Until you clearly see how all these people played a magnificent role in your unfolding life.

Sixth: When your heart is open and your tears are flowing, then ask your own Soul for its guidance, for its wisdom, and for its message.

Seventh: Wait for this message which will come from the innermost resources of your Soul-mind and when it comes to your consciousness, write it down and follow it.

Again consider doing this exercise upon arising and before going to sleep each day.

Whenever you are thankful, your resulting inspirations and their corresponding creations tend to flow and grow. By being thankful for what you are, for what you do, and for what you have, you pave the way for ever expanding >beings, >doings and >havings. Without the ability to appreciate you wither. Practice being grateful for everything that comes your way. In the midst of every situation be thankful. You may not at first see or comprehend its immediate and hidden blessing, but blessing it is sure to be. Show appreciation toward yourself, others and the universe. Savor and enjoy each successful creation and even those which at first appear failures. Whatever you have love and gratitude for will be at your command. You deserve whatever you can love and have gratitude for.

Just as you tend to continue rewarding others when they are appreciative of your gifts, so too does the universe continue rewarding you when you are appreciative of its gifts.

The final step of the Creation Formula is the acknowledgment, acceptance, and reception of what you have created. This will long endure with continued thankfulness.

The results of your purpose and list of loves are now on their way. Thank yourself. Thank others. Thank the Universe.

Set aside and take time for thankful prayer and meditation daily. They help you know that all is done in accordance with higher universal design. Communicate with your highest spiritual nature, your Soul daily.

Prayer is talking to the universe.So tell the universe, thank you.

Meditation is listening to the universe. So listen to the universe and be thankful.

You Deserve What You Would Love

None of your false personas can be more worthy and deserving than your true Soul guided being, for the parts can never be greater than the whole. By being truly humble and honest with yourself, you unveil your true self and thereby obtain your greatest and truest self-worth. As long as you are not being your true Soul-filled Self, you will not experience your greatest deserve level.

Your true worth fluctuates. These fluctuations correlate directly with your gratitude and Unconditional Love for life. Your true worth or deserve level cannot be directly measured by any one of the seven areas of life.

When you gratefully do what you love and love what you do, you experience the feeling of true worth and you magnetically attract the people, places, things, ideas and events to help you fulfill your purpose in life.

Pass the Torch To The One You Love

If you don’t pass your torch, you don’t receive a greater light. Pass this torch to others. Tell them about Innerwealth. It represents an idea whose time has come. The impact of this idea will be immeasurable. Within this tiny seed lies a mighty oak.

You cannot help others achieve what they would love, without helping yourself achieve what you would love.

The greatest way to pass the torch is to share your heart felt experience with the ones you love.