Nature as the Therapy

Nature is one of the best prescriptions for promoting health.

There is a healing quality to nature, which has been known for centuries be it taking time to smell the roses, meditating on a mountain, lying in a wildflower field, strolling by a meandering stream, or hiking in ancient redwood groves. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, recognised this powerful attribute in his humbling statement,

“Nature cures-not the physician.”

People instinctively turn to outdoor and nature-loving activities as a way of relaxing and enhancing their well-being. Nature can aid in facilitating self-awareness and promoting healing.

For many the outdoors is a source of inspiration, solace, guidance and regeneration.

Time spent outdoors can be restorative and healing. Whether running through a canyon, walking on the sunny beach, hiking through a fern-filled forest, scrambling over rocks along a creek side, watching the last few rays of the setting sun, strolling along a moonlit night, or just sitting breathing fresh clean air, being out in nature is one of the best prescriptions for promoting health, well-being and encouraging healing.

Green Therapy Has Many Benefits –

Improving Mood, Helping with Depression and ADHD – Green therapy is being exposed to natural settings or being out in nature. It is about getting out of doors and becoming active in a green environment to boost mental health. This includes taking regular walks in the countryside or the park, flying a kite, or taking part in a gardening therapy project.

ADHD: Nature Therapy Helps Kids

• Green therapy-exposure to natural settings-appears to help reduce symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, say researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Green peace of mind

• The growing eco-therapy movement is encouraging people to embrace Mother Nature to improve their mental health. From

Green Walking Beats The Blues

• A New Study is recommending ecotherapy or green therapy for Depression> Going for a green walk in a park or countryside where one is surrounded by nature reduces depression whereas walking in a shopping centre or urban setting increases depression

Ecotherapy – the green agenda for mental health

• PDF file of the report from Mind (National Association for Mental Health). With this report Mind calls for a new green agenda for mental health, following growing evidence in support of an accessible, cost-effective and natural addition to existing t

Depression and anxiety: Exercise eases symptoms –

• This article from the Mayo Clinic includes tips for exercising to improve the symptoms of depression.