A Course in Building Personal Energy and Vitality

Do you ever get tired and exhausted? Do you want to reduce that to an absolute minimum? I’ve been studying energy and vitality for many years and I believe I can help you raise your energy to an unprecedented level and, in this process, stop unnecessary drain on it.

I think this is extremely valuable and a vital key to success – especially if you are in the service industry. You see, if you deliver any sort of personalised experience to clients, then ultimately you are the product. Your energy is behind and goes into everything you do. So your vitality is key to delivering any sort of positive interactive experience to a client. You, your energy and vitality, sit behind the product.

It’s very wise to understand this. I mean, you may not like the idea, but people buy you before they buy what you do. People need to buy you, your energy before they engage with what you do. So much is available only so the piece of life that can’t be delivered in an app or automated, is your energy. You.

This goes to the core of how you manage yourself. Each time you deal with someone, sell a service, deliver a result, you sell a little bit of your heart and soul. Once you know how to manage your energy you don’t even have to worry about that because there’s infinite amounts of that energy to share, I’ll show you how to tap it, store it, prevent the loss of it and direct it wisely.

In this course I am going to show you how to build your energy and therefore improve your business success, relationship and health.

Here’s a brief outline of what to expect:

Step 1. Entering the stream. We throw off the 3 dark emotions and recognise that life, without them as a burden, is beautiful. This is personal happiness. Stopping the loss of energy and personal vitality.

Step 2. Awareness. We develop the 4 awareness of mindfulness. We become aware that what we think, what we do, have consequences far beyond what we can see. We become aware of the importance of balance. Building vitality and personal energy.

Step 3. Effort. We learn the 4 secrets of right effort. We recognise that there is a limit to the time we have and that time itself is extremely precious. We learn to manage our Energy – mental and physical. Storing vitality and personal energy.

Step 4. Success. We discover the 4 basis of success and in doing so tap our deepest humanity. Here we create clarity for self and others. Directing vitality and personal energy.

Step 5. Powers. The five faculties of the leader lift us into positions of social responsibility. We become capable of projecting our energy and guiding others.

Step 6. Awakening. Seven factors of awakening bring us closer to the realisation of our full potential. We become absolutely unconditional in our heart and focus.

Step 7. Humility. We return to the first step, and begin the journey a second time with loving kindness, compassion joy and equanimity. We are teachers, or helpers and extend a hand to those who reach out for it.

Interested? Drop me an email and I’ll send you more information.

With Inspiration and more to come

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