Coach Yourself Up – No Need to Pay for What Nature Already Provided

When your head spins out of control or your emotions overwhelm you, then you are wise to get help from either a good coach or a bad therapist. Either way, it’s important to know when to pull the emergency switch and get some professional help. If your head spin lasts for more than two coaching or therapy sessions, either question the attributes of the process being used or acknowledge you are in a deep spin and go easy on yourself at work.

But there are some ways to prevent spin simply by using nature as your guide.

1. Wake before sunrise. It’s a well recorded fact of life that healthy people wake early. But they don’t just wake up and watch tv. That early morning time is sense withdrawal time. Time to be alone, in silence, meditating, reading, writing but overall, unstimulated by the outside world.

2. Get outdoors. I have clients who go from home to car, car to office, office to car and car to home and rarely see the light of day other than through glass partitions. They even go to the gym indoors. This leads to depression and chemical imbalances in the mind and body. Very unwise and totally going to cause spin.

3. Organise. My desk gets covered in paper from time to time, and I love it. However, I know where everything on that desk is and I need it out there. But when jobs start to pile up and papers that are not needed start to mix with stuff that is needed, then it’s a spin story. Add to this a computer full of files not in easy seek folders and you’ve got spin.

4. Getting to bed early. You may laugh but I’m often in bed at 7.30pm. I know this is hilarious and I confess that it’s a winter thing where I love to wake up at 2 or 3 am and read for a while, but the key here is to break the habit of staying up just because everyone else does. It’s this period between 7pm and 10pm when most people eat badly (I recommend no solid food after 6.00pm).

5. Nature’s laws… you would be hard pressed to convince me of the merits of therapy or psychology, religion or many of the Eastern arts after 40 years of travelling the world I’ve seen variable results from all of them, especially in those who teach them. So, I’ve chosen nature as a guide because, well, it’s not a trend or a fashion nor a fancy idealism with which to beat myself up. It’s just plain old reality and for me, it’s inspirational.

6. Purpose. There are three things most people want: Something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to. I believe that. But once a person has those three, then there becomes an issue of quality control. Something to do becomes something meaningful to do. Someone to love becomes someone who loves us back and something to look forward to becomes something with a purpose. It’s all a matter of where a person is at in their awareness.

So, it seems to me that coaching is an essential support but lets try to do for ourselves what nature provided and focus the coaching on wealth creation, leadership using heart and soul in work and life.