You have banished burnout in your life and this is Non-Negotiable:

You have banished burnout in your life and this is Non-Negotiable:

You have experienced burnout – that moment when you wake up with the sense that you can’t do this anymore. You just can’t. You’ve been exhausted, angry, achy, anxious, and dull, and you couldn’t remember what it felt like to be happy. And yet you did get out of bed, and you did go to your job or family, or whatever your main responsibilities are, because you also couldn’t imagine doing anything else. That burnout was when the quality of your health, relationships, and work were most likely to and maybe did, take a painful, possibly long-term nosedive. This is not a place you want to revisit, and you have promised yourself not to forget how it felt, and what the cause was. You do not want to wait until your find yourself in that space in order to sort out and make changes in your life – ever again. You have banished burnout – it’s non-negotiable, it’s one reason you are reading this blog and you know it’s preventable and worth preventing.

You’ve tried your hand at plenty of self-improvement ideas and books or even counselling. It worked for a while then didn’t. I have had that happen to me too. It’s frustrating. When you had spare time and things were not too pressured you managed to keep up the practices you learnt but when the heat came on, time became scarce and you got overwhelmed with doubt, most of those “be at peace” techniques just couldn’t maintain the pace. So you know skills for life – you also know that they are not going to cut it at the next level of life. New skills must evolve as you do.

You still believe in love. You still believe in doing the work you love with people you love, to live in a place you love with a space you love in a home you love with someone you love. This, amongst all your ambitions on the world stage, is a real keeper and you’d love to know how to do it better.

You know that you have genius in you. That, in some sphere of life you are a genius. You know that, and if you don’t know that please let me help you find it. It’s very important.

You are a world champion, an elite individual in some sphere of life and you play in that arena with your career, finances, relationship, health, spiritual and social aspects of your life. You are a world champion at what you do and you are here to make sure that you express that in your chosen field. Therefore, people treat you as a winning person and you want to be treated that way too.

You do not, definitely do not want to sabotage or handicap yourself and make things harder than they need to be. You want to be doing one thing well, enjoying yourself, holding certainty about your outcome and dealing with your emotional ups and downs like a champion, (not getting caught up in them) but at the same time having the humanity to feel them.

You want skills now, with an investment of 30 days that will last up to ten years with a bit of maintenance and refreshment each year.

If you say you can apply yourself to something like this programme for 30 days to break a few habits and test drive a different way of doing things, you will stick to it and not end up going back to zero.

This is why, I think it’s worth doing the 30 day Back on Track Programme Annually. Is now the time for you to do it again. Time to evolve. The programme is evolving too.