Do You Walker your Talk – 24 Complimentary Books to Download for the Flight

Here at this link there are 24 books all complimentary on Ibookstore. ( )

It’s my way of walking my talk. I think the knowledge of nature’s laws belongs to us all and is not just the privileged knowledge of those who can afford it. They are a right, not a privilege.

Each book is designed for an Ipad and takes about 60 minutes to read. They are not fancy. Some of the video’s take longer to watch. The books are simple and direct. They distill the complex and confront the ordinary. It’s surprising that most ambitious people who want to achieve, do good and maintain a healthy personal life love them.

If you know someone who is challenged right now and maybe blocked in their business or personal growth, this is a great start, get back to nature, get grounded, heal it up and re-inspire them. Same at work. Maybe there’s an aggressive tone at work. Before you try to fix it, sit down and flick through a few of the books and maybe there’s going to be a lightbulb moment. That’s what I hoped for each and every book. Light bulbs.

I don’t think you have to be enlightened or even super conscious to do well in this life. However, there are a few things that seem to be really important.

First, you need to go at a pace that allows you to feel the love that’s around us. When that’s lost – well I don’t need to tell you what happens. That pace isn’t slow, quite the opposite but it’s a pace where the beauty of a flower or the value of a great space doesn’t slip over your radar and cause life to become intelligent.

Second there’s a real gain to be made by trying to connect with nature. Most visionary people got their insight from being in nature. Sometimes we forget this. We’ve become incredibly good at looking at nature, judging all the bad things about progress or whatever, but the key to connection with nature is being in nature, and losing yourself for a moment or two. That’s where solutions and ideas come flooding in.

Third, it’s crucial at a time when people are saying to you “be Yourself” or “be mindful” or “know yourself” that you do all that for a few minutes a day but you don’t shrink the whole of your aspect and perspective down to the size of a peanut which is so easy to do if you meditate and don’t get outside afterwards and look at the sky or get the global news and expand your horizon. The size of your vision determines the size of your life, don’t let it shrink under any circumstances.

The books are basically describing HOW you can do all the above and still have a giggle while making a fortune. Just remember, you’re dead a long time so making the best of this time on earth must include the word love. Because at the end of the day, nobody wished they had less of it. Nobody.

With Love and Wisdom



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