Secrets to a Healthy Life

This is the secret and structure for a healthy and successful life. We do things because we like the process or outcome.

We have the means to do it.
We know how to do it
And this act brings a certain amount of happiness.

1. The goal ~ Nothing is done without a direct, indirect, known or unknown goal. ‘This can be a dream, goal, drive, desire etc. It is also love and passion. Without a small degree of love or passion we don’t do anything. Releasing past unwanted conditioning, negative patterns also fall under this category. This is about understanding our dreams, desires and goals, as they are the tendencies we acquired from our past. When you set goals, they should be in simple, positive sentences in present tense. They should be always about ‘what you want’ and never to be anything ‘you don’t want’.

2. The means ~ To achieve our goal, there should be suitable means. It requires a certain amount of wisdom, experience, money, help from other people and the power to achieve our goals.This is how we perfect, culture and refine our dreams and goals. Mostly our dream is in a rudimentary form in the beginning. When we do a course in our selected subject we are learning about our own dreams. We bring like-minded people together in this process.

3. The path ~ The path is the method, strategy, ethics, rules and regulations we follow. Success is based on how perfect our strategy is. This word is also translated as confidence, culture, refinement etc. This is about structuring our dreams and goals and devising a strategy to attain them. Relating them to the current world and rediscovering ourself according to the space and time.

4. The freedom ~ means freedom, liberation or enlightenment. When we achieve our goals, we experience a certain freedom, which gives us certain power to do more things. Liberation means we are no more attached to our desires as they have been fulfilled. This is also about using experience and wisdom for our ultimate spiritual advancement. In simple terms freedom is commitment with detachment