Unique Corporate Training – love and family

Unlike any other corporate or personal development training process, Innerwealth has domestic relationships highest on it’s list of priorities, even in corporate leadership training.

What we’re sharing is a new model of how to balance your life, where home time, and self time are not used to balance work time. It means you turn up more in your relationship, deal with issues that piss you off and bring you into your heart more often.

Chris believes that the number of times people kiss and cuddle needs to be a part of life measurement. Instead of – “How much did you earn last year” or “how many properties did you buy?” he’d prefer to ask, “How many hugs and cuddles did you have with your significant other?” and “How few arguments and emotional dramas did you have with your family?”

These are work issues. These relationship barometers tell you how well you’ve been managing your career and work life. More hugs best management. Less arguments, best management. Walker proves that you make more wealth, have better health, do better at work and serve the world better just by managing your life and measuring it with more than just victories won.

Chris will teach you relationship healing skills but also how to better manage stress, anxiety and worry at work. His code is to encourage individuals to “TURN UP” when they get home and completely remove “workers compensation” from their family or relationships and the first step is “stop blaming the job.”

Chris’ll teach you process for balancing the day, clearing the debris before the front door, and, most important of all “TO ARRIVE HOME WITH MORE ENERGY THAN YOU LEFT FOR WORK WITH” that’s a great life with self management applied to Love… BRING HOME THE LOVE… Like to Read more about this?