A Working Holiday Might Just be the Lifestyle You’re Looking For

People are different in nature. The question is: “Can you bring that difference home?

It’s a truth that many people are just as stressed as they were before they went on holidays after about 3 days back at work after a long break. The benefits of months of leave, evaporate because they can’t bring nature home or to the office. They end up wishing they were on permanent holiday because it felt so good and it feels so bad.

Fixing that is my mission. And one solution is to create a lifestyle that feels like a working holiday, even in the busy times.

My mission is to make all of life one big honeymoon for you. No stress, great fun, enjoyable time, time out and romance. Actually, I’ve discovered that people who live like this are more productive, but that’s really a byproduct of wellbeing.

What’s it like on holidays?

  • We’re usually active in nature – swimming, fishing, walking
  • We’re usually very very thankful
  • We’re usually time rich and worry free
  • We get on quite well with all different people we bump into
  • And it’s romantic

There’s more, but just those few take aways from the work I do with clients make an enormous difference.

Why are people different in nature?

From all I can see, and experience, it feels like our defences drop away in nature, we feel somehow at home, calmer, less under attack and with that feeling comes a sequence of remarkable insights:

  1. We think better in nature. Studies the world over reveal that the mental capacity of people who are fully relaxed and immersed in an enjoyable, passive environment think better, wiser and more long term than those who are threatened, feeling disengaged and stressed.
  2. We are better in nature. An overwhelming body of evidence reveals the disposition of those who are engaged in the love of nature, whether it be by screen savers, window outlooks or actually immersed in a retreat, are more kind, compassionate and generous than the disposition of that very same individual when separated from nature, light and soothing views.
  3. We do better in nature. Motivation is the standard for all HR management and human performance engineers in mediocre, city based environments, but in nature, inspiration is the norm. A more powerful, sustainable and less reactive ego free state of drive and passion comes when we relax and revert to our deeper innate callings.
  4. We live longer in nature. Urbanisation brings with it many gifts including the efficiency of distribution of energy, food and resources. However, this congestion, at the cost of green environment, drags people into a subliminal tension that has spurned a bludgeoning self-help industry just to help people survive. We know we’re happier – when there’s less turbulence in the air.

So, Innerwealth is dedicated to bringing nature to you. Yes, we do take our clients to the most magnificent natural places on earth. Yes, we do immerse our clients in the best health spas, the best organic foods, great wines and delicious health treatments, but there’s an educational ingredient to all this and it’s called “nature’s law.”

We believe, and have proven frequently, that if you can understand how your mind and body works under these ideal conditions, you can replicate it, back in the big smoke. So that’s what we help you do, bring nature home. It works and it’s a real stand against the gradual creep of technology and machine that separates us from ourselves.


If you’d love to spend some fireside time with me and learn more about this working holiday lifestyle, please be in touch and I’ll send you over a few interesting ideas.

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