G.I.V.E more than you take

don’t apologise for it. I’m a bit rough and tumble and in the world of self help guru’s that’s an anomaly. I haven’t learned much from books, but read many. I’ve disappointed people because i didn’t say what they wanted to hear. I’ve pushed the envelope and busted the seams. I stand for anything that’s beyond the mediocrity of safety in love, life, work and submission to fear.

Yes, it’s a bit rough and tumble this spirituality I live. It’s not a book or a CD or a how to do this and that. It’s not a judgement on you for being you, just a sign post that points toward the inevidible. An oasis in a desert of numbers and goals, and formula for life that are sold by people who can’t walk their own talk. I’d rather spend a night out under the stars snuggled on the grass wrapped in a blanket than sitting in front of an indoor heater. My heart isn’t built for sitting around. Most aren’t.

My heart has been broken a thousand times and each gets worse so when you come to talk to me with a broken heart I know the short cuts out of it, not from books, or parroting others, from cold hard pain. I have run business, lost marriages, got arthritis from climbing to monsasteries and sitting too long with my legs crossed in the ice. I’ve got pains from yoga done wrong and from bones never mended from too much footy too quick after a ski accident. I’ve made the money lost the money and made it again. Now I know the road.

I know they speak more eloguently and entertain the mind. But for me, my only wish is to open your heart, just a fraction more and in doing so, ease the hurt.

There’s nothing new here. It’s in all the great books. My only mission to to extract, distill, condense the essential nature of living.