How Do I Achieve Balance? I have No Spare Time for it?

The question is about priorities.

Heaven forbid but if I were to say to you that your life depended on balance, you’d do it. No, it’s not about lack of time it’s about lack of priority. Other things are just more important to you right now and so why not just love yourself for who you are, rather than who you could be.

I spoke to one client about balance and he said “the last thing I want in my life is balance. I want inspiration, I want to dive into whatever I do completely imbalanced.” So, you see, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to how we choose to live. There’s just acceptance and rejection.

However, there is a thing called unsustainable. If you are living your beautiful life and choosing to ignore some tell tale signals that each of the seven areas of life are not being looked after, you’d better take heed.

In a recent relationship I could tell my partner was lying to me. However I chose to ignore it and simply be out of balance in that area of my life. Well that’s living unsustainably, because the stress of ignoring lies is painful and unsustainable. it wrecked my health, and some other things too uncomfortable to mention.

So, instead of looking for balance, look for sustainability and then put your whole heart and soul into what it is you’d love to do. That’s a wiser way to approach fulfilment.

Love and Spirit