What do we think? Is sadness an end to something? Is happiness a cause for direction? One must be cautioned that sadness is not a bad experience and happiness is not a reason to do something. Both produce addictions and the addictions are dopamine. It’s really not the foundation you seek for a good life.

Relax, sit quietly alone in nature and you will hear your heart beat. Only when you can hear your own heartbeat can you say “I know my direction” –

The best relaxation is nature. But one can still worry in nature. You might worry about how fast you run, or how much weight you lost, this is exercise. Vital exercise.

Relaxation comes after exercise. There are three keys to relaxation – they are not music, sex and a good feed. The three keys to relaxation are:

Nervous calm

1. Ambivalence comes by not being pessimistic nor optimistic. Orr comes from having both at once. Balanced mind.

2. Posture means not arching your spine open or closed but standing with a long neck and chin drawn in. The spine will look after itself if you remember this.

3. Nervous calm is mostly about diet. If you eat junk you make your nerves junk. But food is not just things you eat. Food is also how you love – kindness, generousity, thankfulness and compassion. This is good food – more important than organic kale on your plate.

From the heart of Chris