When the road gets rough – survival skills for the spiritually committed

Sometimes the road gets bumpy. It’s surprising how little it can take to get us off track or out of balance. It’s a tight rope and for the most part we do great at dealing with the wobbles that happen.

But every now and then life can throw us a curved ball and put us on the back foot and cause us to revert to patterns of response that are unhealthy.

Here are a few things to be mindful about during those ugly times:

1. Nobody does to you more than you do to yourself. If someone puts you down or is critical they’ve done you a favour by doing on the outside what you are doing on the inside. Don’t run and blame. Instead thank and grow (grow means to dig in a work out why you are doing on the inside what somebody is doing to you on the outside) – don’t run, evolve.

2. Ugly things don’t signal you are on the wrong track – often they mean you are on the right track but you are growing through a self set limitation. So, again, don’t blame and run, stop, evolve and grow.

3. Time and space – have you noticed that the further you get away from a problem the closer you get to a solution. The more instantaneous your choices, the more likely it is that you are acting habitually and potentially in a repeat cycle. So, avoid making big decisions when you are in reaction, blame or anger mode, because the likelihood is, you are not thinking in a healthy way, long term.

4. Watch your diet. During ugly times and when we are in repeat cycles of stress or reaction, we revert to food and substances as a mechanism for self medication, whether it is good diet or bad a sudden over emphasis on food – too much or too little can be a big sign that we are in reaction ( includes alcohol and coffee). Such signals are warnings that our choices are not coming from a good place.

5. Go back to purpose – the difference between living from ego reaction and living from your true self, your heart, is the amount of emphasis you place on feelings. It’s hard but feelings are driven by ego and ego will make decisions based on pieces of incomplete data. Do you know your purpose? How does this ugly period like back to your purpose – Do you know your values? How does this ugly period demonstrate that you are not living according to your true values? Remember, nature destroys anything that is not fulfilling its purpose so the ugly time might just reveal that you were off not linking what you were doing to your purpose and values. This can be a great and positive way to approach any healing.

With spirit


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