The greatest weakness is strength. Staying strong prevents adaptation, it’s pure ego. Let go and flow – that’s strong.

Einstein once said “most people give up when they are 99% of the way to the finish line… ” he claims that in his observation the difference between getting what you want and losing it, is the willingness to suffer the hard times when doubt, fear, uncertainty and confusion overwhelm us with a desire to run away.

The frist step of the Back on Track 30 Day Challenge is to note down your intent. This may be a great thing to do today for yourself. Mapping your intent is important because it is this map that can guide you across the line and into success, love and health when you feel a bit like abandoning ship.

Ask yourself “What do I want to experience and feel in your WORK, RELATIONSHIP, SOCIAL LIFE, HEALTH, WEALTH, SPIRITUALITY AND MENTAL WISDOM. List those down the left side of a page at least like this:


I want to feel youthful
I want to feel light and energetic
I want to feel strong in my body
I want to be able to swim easily


I want to feel love and loved by my partner
I want to feel devoted and tender with my partner
I want to feel trust and trusted
I want to feel like my partner values me


Then, go down the right side of the page – and opposite each one of the intentions, write the opposite.

I am going to feel old sometimes
I am going to feel heavy and lethargic sometimes
I am going to feel weak in my body sometimes
I am going to be unable to swim easily sometimes


I am going to feel unloved and unloving toward my partner sometimes
I am going to feel not devoted or tender with my partner sometimes
I am not going to trust or be trusted by my partner sometimes
I am going to feel devalued by my partner sometimes


Go down this list of opposites and think to yourself — what am I going to do when I feel this opposite experience in my INTENT? Do I have a process to deal with it and to bring me back on track?

This is the key that Einstein and the Universal laws of nature advocate, learning to adapt is wiser that reacting because there are always two sides to your intent: The one you want, and the opposite… If you set this up well, your reactions to the opposites will not dishearten you at all….