Moving from Motivation to Inspiration as the Driving Force of Your Business, Career and Relationship

Motivation is an old, clumsy, emotional roller coaster of a process to cause you to do what you love to do, or even do what you hate to do. Motivation is the modern day equivalent to slavery. In motivation, which is what advertisers, marketers and self help guru’s use to cause you to act on things that may or may not be in your best interest. Do you want to live that way or do you want to take the power back from Motivation?

Motivation relies on three things:

1. Motivation relies on the fact that you value pleasure over pain and believe that there is some person, place, thing, lifestyle, religion, environment that will give that result to you and therefore you seek things that offer or promote that outcome. Did you know that this is a myth, because the more pleasure you pursue the more pain (in balance and possibly in another area of your life) you will experience? This creates anger and frustration, depression and emotional turbulence, it’s a roller coaster of emotion. Do you want to live like that? I don’t, and that’s why I value Inspiration. Inspiration has a higher motive and therefore does not have those side effects.

2. Motivation relies on the fact that you value being right all the time and believe that if you obey, conform, follow, mimic, do what people suggest, behave in a certain way, you will be more approved of than rejected in life. In other words, your ego wants to be right and this is a motivating force. Did you know that in life there is a balance of acceptance and rejection? That if you get acceptance from one area of your life you will attract rejection in another? Do you want to live seeking approval from others and embrased about yourself and unable to follow your own path because you value other’s opinions about you more than your own? I don’t and that’s why I value Inspiration. Inspiration has a higher motive and therefore takes the power back from myths like this one.

3. Motivation relies on the fact that you think you are different to others. To use motivation you either have to want to be superiour to others or feel that others are superior to you. If this is the case you will hear yourself saying “I should” allot or hear and listen to others saying “You Should” allot. When we are Motivated in life we use these comparisons all the time in order to determine our actions and ambitions and as a result end up angry, envious, imitating or jealous of others. It’s very disempowering. Do you want to live like that? I don’t – that’s why I value Inspiration.

Motivation to work, build a business, create wealth, have a relationships creates a topsy turvy, unsustainable, emotional, short term roller coaster that costs more than the benefits it derives. It does achieve results, obviously, because many people do it, but the costs are huge in lifestyle and energy and love of life. Inspiration, on the other hand, is a joy to do, and rewards are less costly.

To move from being Motivated to being Inspired is a shift from being run by your work, to doing what you love and being paid extremely well for it. It is profound.

Over the past 20 years I’ve helped around 3,500 individuals do this, and it is incredible every time. When people run their work, take power back from motivation and use inspiration instead, their family life benefits, their health benefits, their heart expands, depressions and stress go away. They find their joy. So, it’s a critical part of getting a business or career on track.

My favourite quote is one I saw on a bank manager’s wall… “Ideas are ideas, thoughts are thoughts, hard work is hard work, but results are the only reality” For me, setting the expectation of what is going to be defined as “great results” – the vision – of any enterprise, whether it’s a an art show or a new airline is the key starting point. Then, we work backward to find what is going to generate that result and how long it might take.

There is no way to formularise this process of turning work into what you love to do and get paid for. It really depends on the starting point. So, I give new clients free first up consultations in order to explore what we can do together. Once up and running I remain a loyal fan, an advisor and sounding board. A responsibility I take as being extremely important.

Costs range from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on the business and of course, means.

So, when the time is right and you feel that it’s time for a shift from the topsy turvy world of motivation and move to Inspiration as the driving force of your life, give me a call or email to arrange a chat.