Do you get thinker’s block when it comes to making decisions? Is there a conflict between what feels good and what, on paper might be good? Do you get overwhelmed with options and end up doing nothing? I hope this article helps.

1. Use the word more … More often.

In the Back on Track coaching experience you learn nature’s law, and in nature’s law, more is best. More is the best word to help us make decisions because it takes a lot of emotion out of the process. Simply you ask will this choice give me: more wealth, more health, more family, more self awareness (inspiration), more business/career?

If the answer is no, the answer is no.

2. Use the word less ….less

In Back on Track Coaching you learn Nature’s Law and in nature’s law, less is only used so more can grow. So we might say, less distractions but its for more growth, or we might say, less illness but for more work we love. Less is used in nature only to create more.

3. Use this – does this evolve you toward your VIP?

A person without a VIP is like a ship without a rudder, sail, mast, hull, keel, wind and water. That thing will really get to have a great time because it really does just want to feel good, enjoy itself and stay out of rough water all the time. But the great joy of being in life gets stolen if we don’t throw ourselves toward a purpose and vision. In Back on Track, you write down your VIP and you look at it every day, read it, hear it, love it.

Love is at the heart of Back on Track because your relationship, family and self- respect hinge on you living in tune with nature and nature planted a seed in you to live a happy fulfilled life. When you make decisions that are trying to be happy and fulfilled you usually go in the opposite direction to what will make you really happy and fulfilled. Happy and fulfilled comes from living “more” living your VIP and that path isn’t the most comfortable or pleasure filled path.

I hope this helps and here are a few examples:

David asked me “should I marry her” I simply asked “does marrying her give you More Wealth, More Health, More Family, More Friends, More Career?

Jennifer asked “should I leave my job and become a therapist because that is something I love” My answer was “prove to me that by leaving your job that in five years time you will have More Wealth, More Health, More Family, More Friends, More career…and then I will give you your answer.” Jennifer came back with a PowerPoint business plan she had done for herself which was a pure BS guess plan. A plan that nobody questioned for her. When she really did test the plan on a real document – her VIP showed that everything important in her life except her pleasure would go less if she proceeded on her all or nothing kamikaze therapist plan.

Nature Evolves things. She never extincts a specie, that’s ridiculous. Nature evolves specie to be greater in consciousness less in number. So, are you in tune with nature in your decisions? Are you greater (more wealth, health, family, career) and less distracted by the decisions you make or the opposite?

Back on Track is a 30 day Personal and Professional coaching program with online content as well as daily coaching by phone. It promises more life, health, wealth, family at less cost and in less time than any other personal change program on earth… Aligned with nature? You bet!