How to Overcome Tiredness


In my Corporate Workshops I share the most important barometer of great self-leadership as

“Going home with more energy than you came to work with.”

If that’s not happening, some evolution is essential.

The key to going home with more energy than you came to work with is to increase the workload and change the approach, not, as most people try to do, which is decrease the workload and maintain the same approach. That doesn’t work. It just makes a person more tired by doing less.

It’s also vital not to blame the work for tiredness. It’s not what you do that counts, more, it’s how you do it.

Today in this blog article, I would like to answer some questions that have piled up in my inbox about Energy

1. How do I know if I am managing my energy in the right way?

If you go out to dinner with your lover and end the meal more tired than when you started it, then you are not in love.

If you come home from work with less energy than you started the day, then you are not inspired.

If you end the week with less energy than you started you are making yourself sick.

If you arrive at a venue feeling exhausted just know that what ever it is you are about to do at the venue, you will sabotage.

What habits build energy and what habits destroy it?

Pumping up a leaky car tyre is a full time job. Just like building energy in a body that leaks it. The ability to hold energy is therefore as important as the ability to build it.