Energy and how to Stop Feeling Tired

My old yoga teacher and friend Sri K Pattabhi Jois used to say “Every day I teach yoga I get one year younger, but everyday I don’t teach yoga I get ten years older” Obviously, given that he was still pretty fit at the age of 90, he taught allot of yoga. He was also, rarely tired,

Exhaustion and lost hope of the future go hand in hand. If I am walking to an event or to meet someone for dinner and I feel tired, it’s because deep down at some pretty important level I can’t link going to meet that person to my values. In simpler language I am going but there’s some part of me doesn’t really see the benefit of it.

Our energy systems are amazing. If we have one job to do there are always five ways to approach that job. Two will exhaust you, two will get you through the day and one will absolutely send you home with more energy than you came to work with.

Making love is the same. Sometimes after making love you feel like the world is just bright brilliant sunshine even if it’s a rainy day, but other times you just want to curl up and get away from your partner, the world and life. Same love making two different head-spaces.

How we think, has a huge impact on how we feel. People spend allot of time telling you what to think and you may buy it or not. In Back on Track™ I spend allot of time coaching you to forget about what people tell you about what to think and focus on how you think

In this article, which, by the way, is a little lengthy and took longer to write than expected, I talk a bit about HOW to think, rather than what. I’m encouraging those people who find themselves tired at the end of the day to consider a re-engineering, re-invention of their dependency on short term emotional uppers. It’s quite confronting. I hope you enjoy, and not enjoy it. (you’ll see the humour in that comment as you read on)