Fools rush in Where Angels Fear to Treat – Let Your Doubts be Cleared

Fools rush in where Angels Fear to Tread

You’ve got that worried look on your face. People are asking you “is everything ok?” You don’t quite know why they think you’re not ok. And yet, even though you are at work, there’s a niggling problem in the background of your mind… “do I marry him or not?” It’s called doubt and doubt is one of the most debilitating emotional experiences one can have. Lets work out what we can do about it.

Today, I would love to talk about dealing with doubt.

Doubt is one of the five most debilitating emotions, the other four are hate, anger, fear and guilt. So it’s a high ranking, lower emotion.

In all life mastery and spiritual philosophies, clearing doubt is the fundamental objective.

Doubt comes from the Latin dubitare, it means to waver, hesitate.

And the word hesitate links to the phrase “he/she who hesitates is lost”

Hesitation comes from second guessing. Have you ever gone into a clothes store and heard the shop assistant say how wonderful those shoes you are trying on look, but you ask again “are you sure?” – that’s doubt and he/she who hesitates to listen to the doubt is lost because they empower the shop assistant to define whether the shoes are right. In this case, he/she who hesitates is lost because hesitate means to waver. Surely the fact that you even need to ask the shop assistant, or a friend, or a family member for advice is a sign that you are, in your deepest being, disempowering yourself, accelerating your doubts, rather than clearing them.

Doubt is an ingredient of the human ego. While we are trapped in the confinement of our mind, beliefs, memories, expectations and projections of the future, we must have doubt. One cannot overcome doubt by thinking. And yet, most try.

Doubt has it’s place. If we have doubt then we must not proceed because something is warning us that we are not fully informed and our ego is in complete control.

We can’t live without our ego, so there is no use bypassing our ego (beliefs, ideas, expectations and memories), if we do bypass our ego, we end up regretting decisions because the ego will, in its many subtle ways, sabotage any choices it has not been consulted on and eventually prove itself right.

Have you ever thrown uncertainty and doubt to the wind and dived into something whole heartedly (heartedly meaning without doubt – hence without ego) and then found out that there were an untold number of warning signs that you were ill-prepared and therefore setting yourself up for failure?

I have done this in several relationships, but thought to myself, “I will not listen to those doubts because at a spiritual heart level I feel unconditional love.” I lived to pay for those choices. Even the most spiritual heart will only surface in a day for an hour or so and the rest of the time, our ego will take control. If it had doubt in the first instance it will multiply that doubt over and over in order to validate itself. Eventually, it (the ego) will sabotage whatever choices we make that exclude it.

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Fear is an ego state, and therefore, angels are the mirrors of our ego. If angels fear something, our ego can’t be all that stupid for fearing the same thing, can it?

This is a vital element of all great spiritual and personal development work. Rather than to admonish and punish our ego, we need to befriend it. The ego is not our enemy. In fact, all wealth is created through the ego, all romance is developed through the ego, all fertility and child birth and parenting, and leadership and social change and human compassion are the benefits of ego. Kill the ego, kill those benefits too.

One must be careful. If there is someone shooting down the ego as a bad thing, then they might be right, because the ego does cause allot of human suffering and doubt. But the ego also causes happiness and clarity and direction. If we kill the downside of the ego, we kill the upside. We must be careful of new age, half life thinking that defies nature and sells ideas that are great on paper but can’t be lived.

Fools rush in where angels (ego) fear to tread. So, to move forward we must always deal with the ego and fear and doubt. How?

Firstly, understand that the ego works in only two dimensions: fear of the future and giult of the past.

All fear of the future comes from all guilt of the past. If we feel like we have hurt ourselves or hurt others in the past, we will fear hurting ourselves and hurting others in the future. Thus past guilt creates future doubt.

If you have future doubt, and can’t make a decision, always know that the source of the doubt comes from a defiance of nature’s laws in our stories from the past.

Second, changing the past stories so they eliminate the debilitating ego crunching power of guilt and the consequent doubts that it creates.

In nature’s universal laws (the laws that run the universe and every cell of your body) there cannot be a pleasure without a pain, a benefit without a drawback, a hurt without a help. So, the ego, which runs on denial of universal laws, builds half stories that gratify emotions, are interesting to share with friends and great to get advice on, but are lies.

Can you hurt someone or hurt yourself in the past without helping someone or helping yourself in the past? If your answer is yes, then you must have guilt and doubt will rob you of the future. If the answer is no, then you will be able to work through any guilt you might have and clear the past, and by doing so, clear doubt about the future.

Third and final, love.

Love cannot co-exist with doubt. If you allow doubt to be your perpetual companion it will sabotage everything you do. That is why it is worth while clearing the past before starting the future. Love, the human state of full engagement in activity cannot exist in a doubtful mind/heart. Let your doubts be cleared.

To clear doubt, there are only one or two process I have experienced, that work. The primary one belongs to Dr John Demartini – The Demartini Method…. If you would love to know more about this process I have been helping clients with this for 17 years and can offer this service or contact to find a local certified consultant.

To live one single day without love is the greatest loss… let your doubts be cleared