Evolving Global Consciousness – One Heart at A Time

Hi, Chris here and I’m on a mission to reconnect the world to nature and by doing so, evolve human consciousness. The world needs to move to a more harmonious place and I believe we can do this one heart at a time through Nature’s Universal Laws.

I use the Universal laws of Nature because they are a cross cultural understanding of human consciousness simplified so deeply that it both solves the human dilemma and creates a new global awareness of love and all that causes harmony. For my part, I work as a change agent, business consultant, personal coach, mentor, friend, writer, speaker, and thought leader. I share with my clients that we are the Environment we Create…and that nature is the forest, the beach, the rivers and animals, but it is more than that, Nature is within all of us – it is our humanity, and my work centres around culture change, that helps the world connect to nature, and nature’s laws creating personal and global harmony, in a whole new, more evolving way. It’s inside of us, we are nature, we are the environment we create. We are not separate, we are nature.