Let Nature Be Your Guide

Our humanity needs nature. All human problems stem from the disconnection from nature. The human spirit dies and is replaced by uncertainty and desperation when we become disconnected from nature. Nature is where your heart is at home. Our soul is not in our body, it is in nature. A business that functions disconnected from nature leads it’s people to dark needy places. Winning strategies in life are nature based. There is no good that comes from a person who has disconnected from nature. The darkness of a broken heart can only happen in the midst of disconnection from nature. Organised belief systems are designed to disconnect humanity from nature. Once your temple is a building you have lost the greatest temple of all. What star doesn’t shine just to make your efforts valuable. To the isolated person, nature is a tree, to the connected person nature is all life. 



There’s a rhythm in nature. It’s sacred. We know it but sometimes can’t articulate it. We feel it but we know it. Sometimes we write a letter and there is no editing, sometimes we write a word and we edit and edit and edit and it still isn’t right. Nature comes into us sometimes and it fires our spirit. Real Spirit is not an idea, it’s action with truth. Real Spirit is just nature, doing its thing. Working through us. We are never separate or alone in this world we are with nature, but nature is sometimes separate from us because our fog comes into our heart and mind and makes the visibility impossible.


Articulating nature is brave. You would need the courage of 1,000 people. To accept that there are laws of nature that contradict emotional truism means courage. Many lack the courage. It is much easier to suffer silently within the system than it is to step up and work, hand in hand with nature, within the system. The courage to grow beyond the boundaries of convention is not in every heart. Some must become the system or there is no system. Some must work for work. But there are others, there are others who want change. Who don’t want to buy the illusion of the TV news reader speaking truth or the advertiser giving authenticity, or the billboard that isn’t subliminally tricking you.


Some want to take the power back. To live and work and love connected to nature. But they often don’t know what it means. They think it’s easy to be disliked by those you love, or challenged by the system. It’s not easy, but it is really, no choice. Because when the day comes, living disconnected from nature is not an option.


There is not enough alcohol, there are not enough plates of pasta, there are not enough social causes, there are not enough lovers to overcome the pain of disconnection from nature. Believe me, I tried, my clients all tried. We tried to invent ourselves, we tried to attach ourselves to somebody’s idea, we tried to work inside the disconnected system and we did good. But we always knew, something wasn’t right. We we just not confident, just not secure, just not at home.


The articulation of nature’s law throws us into trauma, a different trauma, a happy trauma because it makes what has previously been authentic, inauthentic. We hear the yoga teacher and hear their illusions, we listen to the Pope and hear his. We listen to motivational speakers and hear their struggle to teach what they can’t do.


The amazing thing about articulation of nature’s law is that nature is no longer confined to that walk on the beach. Nature is no longer confined to a holiday or a health spa or a surf board or anything for that matter. Nature becomes corporate strategy, nature becomes becomes the core of a family dynamic, it becomes solutions to problems, it becomes answers and it becomes a guide to leaving a footprint.

That each of us is born to win is only a crazy metaphor or song title until the day comes when you articulate nature’s law. That day, that amazing day is when you realise that everything that has happened and will happened is nature’s way of shaping your contribution. That avoiding or not taking ownership of life’s stuff is really avoiding your relationship with yourself. You are born to win, but maybe not the way you expect. Maybe there’s a contribution you really are born to create. If you are connected to nature there is no maybe.


Last week a car hit a tree. The four occupants were incinerated because the car was full of fuel. It’s extremely sad. But I see people full of Spirit, working and living isolated from nature. Putting pot plants in offices in order to try to find what they intuitively know is missing. What is missing is that they have a full tank of fuel and they are heading for that tree. Nature wastes nothing. All potential in human beings either gets expressed or recycled. Nature wastes nothing.


We know when it’s time and maybe we go off to find a yoga room and bend in half and starve our mind or body to reach a state of connection to a philosophy. This is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about unlearning and returning to what was born in those with the courage to admit it. We do want to make a difference, and leave a footprint and that footprint is not family.