Wise Decisions – Inspired Decisions

I have made some good and some bad decisions in my life. All the bad decisions can easily be traced back to three simple factors:

  1. My head ruled my heart (logic)
  2. My Emotions ruled my Head (ambitions)
  3. My Body ruled my Emotions (fear)

Now, I’m wiser – I listen to all three but then make the decision from my heart – Inspired

I listen to all three so that I can hear my heart and be guided by it.

Process for Inspired Decisions

  • First, does this decision sit well with my plans for the future? (ie like can I afford the repayments or does this decision sit with me long term) if yes, then I ask the second question.
  • Second, does this decision have a perfect balance of benefits and drawbacks? If yes, I proceed the the third
  • Third, does this choice add or remove beauty from my life? If yes, then my heart is open, and I always know what to do.

I learned many years ago that “when in doubt” say no. Uncertainty in choices is usually my head saying yes and my heart saying no. I need to listen to both but best decisions are when they agree with each other.

So, whether it’s about proceeding with a relationship, buying a new suit, a pair of trekking boots or writing a book, that’s how I engage my whole being, turn up and do what I do, with inspiration and love.

Anything else, is simply survival.

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