Follow Your Heart – But Be Careful

Predictability is a valuable commodity, but it’s not the result I got or expect when I started to “follow my heart.”

As beautiful as following your heart might sound it takes a massive dose of courage to do it.

For example: I met a woman, fell in love, followed my heart into a relationship, and then followed it out again.

I did that many times actually.

People got angry because they liked me following my heart as long as it was in the direction they liked but when my heart led me to other places, more inspiring places, my next frustra, they got pissed.

If everybody followed their heart it would be easy. Then, nobody would expect predictability in relationships or jobs. We’d all say, “I’m here, 100% while my heart guided me to stay.”

One really amazing example of this was when I owned a great business and gave away equity to some partners. We had more than 60 clients on our wait list for our business development seminar and that meant around $1.0 million revenue but the partnership was awful.  I walked away because my heart went out of it and lost a fortune. 

WE need to balance heart and mind. You’ll never make money following your heart 100% because it’ll just give away profit. Nor will you survive living in your mind alone, wealthy you may be but misery will follow everywhere.

The worst mistakes I’ve made however, are not following my heart out of things. The worst mistakes and the most disastrous times in my life have come when I’ve stayed in denial after my heart went out.

Listen, Clear and Follow your Heart but be careful that it’s not to the exclusion of the mind.

Then, self sabotage became the only exit mechanism and that hurts.