The Evolution Solution With Chris – Dissolving Problems Instead of Fighting Them – Step 1.

In the Evolution Solution we are committed to growing from everyday situations and one of those daily, inevitable situations is always Challenge. Evolving through Challenge is a big key to daily growth instead of trying to avoid them, or pretend that life can be challenge free.

Dissolve is my favourite word when it comes to Dealing with Challenges. It explains the exact feeling of evolving through a challenge. Dissolve it.

Any other word makes it sound like the challenge goes away, gets eliminated or trivialised. But dissolving a challenge in order to stay inspired is more empowering. It’s a choice to dissolve something.

When a Baraocca pill dissolves in a glass of water there are bubbles and fizzing and then the water changes colour and the goodness comes out of the pill. Sugar dissolves and sweetens tea.

Here’s the Dissolving Process for Challenge:

Dissolve Step One. 1. Contextualise

All problems big or small can take over and hijack your day if they get out of context. So, the first dissolving step is to put your problem or challenge in context. Like, it’s not the end of the earth, your heart is still beating. If a problem is out of context the emotions have run wild and then there is no solution. For example while people are in fight flight mode there is no way to dissolve their stress. In this step you will see an amazing trait of human nature. People love their drama. When you try to contextualise it, they often refuse or get angry to justify their emotional overwhelm. Sometimes people don’t want to change their mood but for those who do, dissolving a challenge starts with putting the problem in context. The “at least it’s not that bad” introduces a little gratitude.

Fighting challenge doesn’t work. It puts us on red alert, spins the nerves into overload, is repelling to those who could help but now can’t. Drama gets attention but it doesn’t get people what they want.

Context simply breaks down challenge into an event – no matter how bad that event is, there is an opportunity to see, and be thankful that it isn’t worse.

Try this lady as a role model

STEP 2. Tomorrow


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