Chris Walker’s Love Map Vision Process

You probably know that there are seven levels of vision one to match each level of human consciousness.

You also know that each level of consciousness defines love differently. And you can’t argue with a person who defines their love based on their consciousness. They just don’t want to know, or feel the need to know anything different from the love they feel.

But maybe what you will be surprised to know is that the solution to any problems or struggles that person is having require them to increase their consciousness. You can’t solve a problem at the level at which it was created.

That’s why vision setting is so important – because it evolves your love.

1. Security – “Got To” Love – Got To Vision.

This vision is really immediate. It’s based of fear of the future and or guilt of the past. In simple language it’s desperate. Vision and love at this level are extremely physical.

2. Social – “Should do” Love – Should – Ought to Vision

This vision is extremely righteous, desire for acceptance. It’s based on judgements of right and wrong, 100% of which form the human Ego. In simple language it’s based on doing the right thing. It’s extremely proud and mostly about acceptance (proud face) Vision and love at this level feels extremely right, anointed and divinely blessed. Marriage ceremony blessed by church etc

3. Esteem – “Need it” Love – What I/We Need Vision

With a sense of anger or determination, a person can decide to reach out into the world and claim their personal needs – fulfil or create Self Esteem. Fundamentally this level of love is based purely on getting needs (physical, emotional and material) needs met. It is highly unpredictable and fluctuates with mood. Driven one minute to extremes of achievement, depressed the next surviving on food, drugs and grog. Vision and love at this level is extremely Self Driven – Feels Right – Soul Mate and Self Satisfying, relationship and family becomes the dominant value in a person’s life

4. Heart “Want it” Love – What I/We Want Vision

Self – Actualisation is a mighty achievement for most people born into less than highly privileged homes. To reach the point in consciousness where a person claims the right do have, be and do what they want is a mighty leap outside the mass consciousness of most of the 7 billion people on earth. Vision and love at this level starts to take on a sense of responsibility to something greater than Self or family. There starts to form a relationship with destiny, wanting to do something bigger than family support for the world. It is a confusing love and vision, drawn to lower levels of consciousness by the body and mind, driven to higher levels by heart and purpose greater than self. It is, in the old Catholic Language “Purgatory.”

3 more levels of Human Consciousness

5,6,7 Inspiration – Because so few people exist in these higher reaches of human consciousness it’s extremely important to generalise the journey of Love and Vision at these levels.

The reason is this: the Got to person will act out the physical elements of inspiration, the “Should” person will emulate inspiration and “act inspired”, the “Need to” person will try to experience it through identification with feelings so they will get elated as an attempt to be inspired and the “Want to” person will feel bad that they seem stuck between heaven and hell – unmotivated to act – caught between inspiration and motivation.

Levels 5,6,7 Inspiration

Love and vision at this level become less about demonstration and more about inclination. The awareness of an internal spiritual self having an impact on the world becomes overwhelmingly obvious. In these levels Mood isOno longer an indulgence of the senses but a vital and key form of communication between the individual and the world they love and choose to work in. Manifestation of wealth takes on a whole new meaning, no longer about self and need or want, but is now a language of “wealth is the power to give love to those who need it in the world” Money becomes extremely important, not for less conscious motives of asset accumulation (which need to be fulfilled before these higher levels of consciousness can truly be attained) but for the power it enables to actually make a difference in the world.

The most unique trait of an inspired individual however, is more than all this. The unique traitoff an inspired person is that they don’t take themselves, their character, their public face seriously. There is a separation between what is presented as a public face and what resides within.

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