Today’s Power Hour

Power Thought

“Everything you’ve done and not done is worthy of love”

Today’s Evolution Solution – Evolve Word

Power – Benefits – commitment, strong, joyful, contribution, leadership, superiority, guide, clarity, honest, aspiration, inspiration, love, healing, mending, supportive

Power – Drawbacks – ugly, misused, hurt, abuse, take away, steal, aggression, punish, mislead, weaken, intimidate, push away, disempower, difficult to use wisely, can go in wrong direction, misunderstood,

(Can you think of more? remember, benefits and drawbacks of every word must balance in order to evolve)


We close our eyes and send love to calm their pain to the people in the US – tens of thousands of friends, relatives, first response staff and all America over the recent Cinema murders. WE know there are two sides to this event and calm our own heart with this awareness but this is not time for them to witness that. For now grief is essential.We send our love and energy to the family of the perpetrator who must be in a most difficult time and calm their heart with our love.


In your mind’s eye wrap a ball of energy around the earth all the way around and out to the moon. It’s a big cloud. Now send your mission – vision and purpose out to all people and let those who are ready resonate. Sit with this. Now draw your energy closer just wrapping it around the earth and using this cloud as a mobile self made communication speak to those who are ready to come buy your products and services.

Relationship Win at all cost

Think of something amazing and wonderful in an actor or performer you love to watch and then ask “what is it about them that I really like?” take this and ask yourself “where does my partner have more of it?” Nothing is missing just changes in form, you must find it otherwise subconsciously you’ll be diminishing and not evolving your love.


Have you thought about your cells – trillions and trillions – more than all the stars in the sky, and each and every one of them responding to your every thought? It’s an amazing “self universe”

Now, go exercise and get your blood and heart racing… ten minutes….

it’s now time to turn uo for others

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