The Evolution Solution – 6 Self Leadership Ideas from Chris Walker’s Inspirations


1. Self Leadership
Better focus, less stress, clear decision-making, inner peace and non violent conflict resolution. Base skills on Nature’s Law. Use the four pillars of mind control: gratitude, presence, certainty and love.

2. Conscious Conversations
There are benefits to interacting consciously with people, especially within teams and family. You get to explore the deeper and more inspired elements of human creativity and productivity. The limit of most human dynamics are unspoken constraints – radio-active sensitivities – that need to be negotiated before they destroy authenticity. You need permission to address those imposed limits to human communication. Have a healthy awareness of in-team self-regulation and create a dialogue for negotiating early intervention.

3. VIP (Vision, Inspiration and Purpose)
What binds a team or a family is their vision and once set, you need the heart to follow through. Dreams that get discarded destroy trust and faith in interpersonal relationships. breakdown the opportunities. Vision setting process if formal and teams, families and couples who live on that path create a  collaborative interaction and create realistic expectations for each other. Create a vision encompassing all seven areas of life, a single life purpose then negotiate daily habits that will make it happen.

4. Work Life Balance
Choose a different paradigm for your mental, emotional. physical, spiritual and financial wellbeing than conventional uppers and downers of emotion. Those roller coasters that balance work with life cause too much stress and interpersonal abuse. Learn skills for turning up in the hour and balancing work at work with short micro breaks that rejuvenate and re-inspire your heart.

5. Be Inspired
Turn up 110% inspired in whenever you choose, or don’t choose in all seven areas of life. Take it a step further by demonstrating that you are human, you have seven levels of mind space for turning up and understand when you are in a “toxic space” by announcing it publicly. “I’m toxic – stay clear – give me a moment to sort myself out”  This is the difference between conscious and unconscious living. It is critical for understanding your own and others human nature. Aspire to be Inspired and Know when You’re Not.

6. Evolve is Better than Change
Promise yourself early intervention. It means evolve daily. Evolving is nature’s process for you, your family, team and business. It is a much more refined process than chunky reactive change, waiting for shit to hit the fan before acting. Be proactive, evolve daily by supporting and challenging everyone you know – including yourself on a daily basis. Blowing smoke up people’s backside or puffery about everything always leads to a chunky, lumpy discharge – it’s like constipation of the mental kind.  Don’t get constipated in love, work, health or spirit – Evolve a bit each day by simply balancing “what could I have done better, with what did I do great. That’s the evolution solution. Daily adaptations. These include:

  • Early intervention in unhealthy direction
  • Negotiation but not compromise
  • Individual empowerment to turn up
  • Great feedback systems
  • Self and Other Honesty


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