Energy Management in the Power Hour


Our thoughts cause more than we can ever predict. So, getting our he’d together every morning seems like a pretty logical thing to do if we want to create the world we want and not stuff it up along the way.

So, the power hour is just one hour a day where you do a little crazy shit. You meditate, jump up and down, visualise, hope, dream, imagine and process your baggage. In other words, evolve.

The Evolution Solution

Not too many people evolve willingly. They’re usually pushed, shoved, forced into it. Nature evolves everything, especially you, your relationship and career. If you choose to resist or ignore that process, you do it at your own peril. As Forest Gump said “stupid is what stupid does”

I’ve been stupid. I still am in many respects but not as stupid as I used to be and certainly not as stupid as my parents. I’ve evolved from where I started. I can’t really ask for much more but if there’s one regret I have, which is essential to have, and that is I wish I’d not hurt so many people as I evolved.

Change is the alternative to evolve. Change is inflicted on us and that’s when we usually hurt people. Same in nature. Either the earth moves in daily tides or a tsunami changes the face of the planet in one day. We either evolve daily or get hammered every three to five years. That’s just the way it works. No choice about it happening, only choice is how.

The Mechanics of Energy (link for more information on complete article)


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