Fast, Conscious Change with Chris Walker


Is there ever change that you’d like to go slowly? We only go slowly with change when we’re suspicious that we’re not on the right path. Confusion slows change.

The single most important key to change in any direction is avoiding desperation.

Desperate people say “got to” allot and they’re really fired up on adrenaline or heavy with depression. Neither state of mind is healthy around change.

There are motives for change like pain relief which are not all that healthy. Sometimes with fear driven or pain driven motives for change there is a reaction, a knee jerk that sends people off in the wrong direction, sometimes even tangential to their best path.

So, the first and most important thing about change is to Turn Up Inspired before making any decisions. To do that, in a short space of time is very possible as long as you have a short list of what that “turning up” experience feels like.

1. Gratitude …. you feel very thankful for where you are right now, even if it’s not where you want to be, there must be gratitude for where you are or else desperation is going to creep in.

2. Presence … Presence requires intencity and intensity means energy. If you feel tired, frustrated or in anyway emotionally on a roller coaster, stop, ground yourself in nature and then come back to good thinking.

3. Certainty… Nobody knows where the future goes but we can have certainty about our intent or purpose in life. This purpose never changes and it’s only two words. The irony is that if you stick to your purpose, change is never essential.

4. Love …. love, in this context means support and challenge which is the universal definition of love. Some people make change decisions to run from chaos and find order, or run from challenge to find order but they will just attract the challenge wherever they go. It’s far better to deal with challenge – find balance, then move.

Gratitude, Presence, Certainty and Love…. Four important feelings to check before you start thinking “where will I change and what will I change?”


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