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Thoughts are thoughts, ideas are ideas, promises are promises but results are the only reality. Can you convert your vision, inspiration and purpose into results? Well, that’s the role of the Spiritual segment of your Innerwealth Hour of Power.

The Spiritual segment of your morning Hour of Power is VIP Vision, Inspiration and Purpose. It’s the key to Manifestation (PDF Manifestation Formula Download) and is the adult version of “Laws of Attraction” 

The human mind can control atoms, molecules and subatomic particles, that we know because that’s called thinking.We think by turing on or off, atoms, molecules and subatomic particles. Certain thoughts stimulate certain activity in atoms molecules and subatomic particles. The question is can we create what we want by thinking in certain ways? And again, proven over and over, the answer is categorically yes.

We know it works in reverse. We know we can attract what we don’t want. Like “what we fear comes near” – just walk down a dark New York Street with fear and see what happens. Or, fear of dogs always causes the dog most feared to seek out the fear. In meditation classes we used to make a joke of this and tell students “don’t think about pink elephants” and of course, in trying not to think of pink elephants, that’s all they could imagine.

Subconscious sabotage is also a form of mind control of atoms, molecules and subatomic particles. Sometimes we just think that we think because we’re pretty much in touch with our front brain but in the background our subconscious is saying “no way freddie, no way.’

We sabotage anything that’s not linked to our purpose and that means the subconscious mind is engaged in creating what we want because most people don’t even know thier purpose but still sabotage marriages, health, business and sport opportunities.

So, getting the subconscious mind onboard for manifestation is crucial.

Another little talked about element of Vision, Inspiration and Purpose (VIP) is Inspiration.

Inspiration is where you want nothing. Oh yeah, it’s a spooky place because all that matters when you are absolutely inspired is the moment you are in, right here and now. So, why have Inspiration in the Spiritual Manifestation process?

There are four things you need to know in life (well there are thousands) but there are four really, really, really overiding things you need to know.

  1. How to build your energy
  2. How to store your energy
  3. How to stop losing your energy
  4. How to direct your energy into what you want

Now, if you take every spiritual training on earth, that’s all it’s about. Build, store, stop loss and direct.

If you direct more energy than you store and build you’re going to burn out no matter what you do, eat, think, pray, sleep with, hope for or drink. That’s a guarantee.

If you leak energy, you are going to burn out even if you try to conserve energy, not give any away, hold on and do all the building stuff you learn from books, you’ll fry before you die.

Ironically, it’s all about atoms, molecules and subatomic particles.

Lets talk about each one by one.

1. Building your Energy

You can eat until you are fat like a pig and still feel tired. You can sit and hold your nose sucking up all the prana in the universe and still feel as dead as a wet sock. You can drink red bull and all it makes you do is tremble if? If? If what?

You don’t have a hope. If you don’t have a hope that tomorrow will be better than today, you don’t have energy. So, it seems logical that building energy has a very direct link to the mind’s ability to think hopefully.

But on a scale of one to ten, hopeful is the most feeble thought in a chain of thoughts that can be used to build energy.

Hope is better than no hope but what if there was hope in more than one area of life? What if there were seven hopes, one for each area of life? Then if one goes down the tubes, there are six more hopes. But hope is still pretty desperate isn’t it?

What about “deserve?” some sort of sense of privilege bestowed for being good? That’s a great step up from desperate hope and a much more energising feeling. “I deserve this.” However, it’s still pretty weak even if there are seven areas of awareness for deservingness. (this is religious aspiration).

Now we build more fuel if we take the power back from being “blessed with what we want” and start personalising it to “I need” or “I want” which basically says “Go get.” Even if the whole focus of the mind is on just one of the seven areas of life, like money for example, saying “I want more” is really energising. (as long as you believe you can get it or have the power to get it)

So, mind does control atoms, molecules and subatomic particles and that means it can create or tap into amazing power. (there is enough power in one single atom to run a city of electricity for a year – or blow up a whole country) …. So we are literally batteries, dynamic batteries filled with charge power. The only question is how to tap it, recharge it and stop it going flat?

If we are fragmented, or pulling ourselves in all different directions it’s unlikely that we’ll charge the battery, build the energy. But if we’re pulling in one direction, both in the subconscious mind and the conscious mind, we charge the battery.

First step on this is a single target “life purpose.” Knowing your purpose helps because that’s the singe target for the whole diversity of your human nature, your mind.

Then you need seven visions linking each area of life to your purpose – here’s an example:

Purpose: Healing minds and bodies

Visions: (always think global)

Health: to heal minds and bodies of children in Cambodia

Social: to Create a global network of mind body healers to raise awareness of opportunities in 3rd world

Career: Heal minds and bodies through my job as a business consultant

Relationship: To form relationships with international aid agencies to nurture and support those in need

Financial: to have a net worth of $20mil in five years to support a foundation to heal minds and bodies in Asia as well as provide for my family.


Now we have one Purpose, Seven Visions (I didn’t complete them all for this person but it’s pretty obvious where it goes)

Then we ask “What seven daily habits in each area of life would it take to manifest those visions?”

All we are doing is sending rocket fuel to the burner instead of letting it evaporate out of the many escape hatches.

Building energy means linking all seven areas to purpose, all seven visions to 40 habits. It’s easy.

Then, each area of life has 49 habits and you can focus on being inspired while you do them (turing up)

So, if you know someone who is overweight, drinking too much, feeling tired, exhausted, frustrated or spending hours in front of TV instead of having fun working, training, living and loving, chances are they’ve lost their mojo and the source of it is, at the bottom line, hope and then hope in seven areas, then rising up to a vision and culminating in a purpose greater than themselves.

There is no other route to building energy as powerful as this. Once you have a vision and purpose and habits all linked, energy seems abundant, and you can top it up with yoga, tai chi, marbles and tantra if you wish. They are not the source, just refills at the top of the tank.


From the greatest text on Yoga – The Yoga Sutra….

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”

― Patanjali

Building energy from non mechanical sources is probably not so much an issue for the average person who focusses their life on sugar, stimulation and pleasure hunting but for those who want to make a dint in the world and do something beyond fend for themselves or be led by the nose by appetites, this non material source of energy is the key.

So, actually it is not just the linking of vision to purpose and habits that builds energy, but the thankfulness one feels for life and opportunity that builds energy.

  1. Storing Energy

Atoms, molecules and subatomic particles zip around your body day and night. Every atom vibrates. So there’s energy in your body and the more you build it, the more you need to store.

When I first started activating the energy sources in my body using vision, inspiraiton and purpose I activated more energy than I could store, and not to tell to many stories, but I was extremely, well, well, you know, well, ok, horny.

That mojo that comes from VIP is profound and if our nervous system is incapable of handling it, we can’t store it. That’s why Yoga and tai chi as critical because they help build the immune system, nervous system and mind control that stores energy in our body. There’s more about this but for now, let’s explore the gateways to wasting that energy and you’ll see what is needed to store it.

Simply put the four greatest energy storing mental capacities are Gratitude, Presence, Certainty and Love.

  1. Stopping the Loss of Energy

I’ll list these Energy Leaks in order from most exhausting to least:

  • Emotion (fear, anger, excitement, elation)
  • Worry – Anxiety
  • Negativity and Ingratitude
  • Digital Communities
  • Unnecessary Body Movements (fidgeting)
  • Eating excessively
  • Drinking excessively
  • Sloth (TV and Time Wasting)
  • Poor Posture
  • Walking Badly
  • Chatter and Gossip
  • Wet feet, wet hair
  • Cold wind on kidneys
  1. Directing Energy

The last element of this energy equation is directing it.

I probably took you through a meditation near the end of your 30 Day Challenge in which you met a virtual audience or took a flight with me way above the moon.

It’s this sort of “virtual journey” you need to take in order to direct your energy.

Instead of throwing your energy around the world, the idea is to travel there in your mind. If you’d love to send some happiness or some energy to someone don’t feel sorry for them, because that sucks their energy. Instead, in your mind’s eye go to their pain, go to their situation and let the energy flow through you not from you to the source of their pain. You virtually wrap your arms around them if it’s emotional and if it’s physical, go to the root of their problem and send energy there. This is the ancient art of the healer and is not exhausting at all, as long as you do it with love and not sympathy or sorrow. You need to get yourself and your feelings out of the way and just go help.

In the case of manifesting your purpose and vision you will soon see as we continue this section of the Hour Of Power how you can use this directing energy practice to cause manifestation of your visions.

Daily Practice Hour of Power in Spiritual Area

  1. Read Your Purpose Statement out loud or listen to it on Ipod etc
  2. Visualise your seven visions and go there in your minds eye to bring the future into the present (you can add new pieces to the vision puzzle every day and remember to link any vision to your purpose to maintain energy control)
  3. Speak Your Seven Words of Power (affirmation given to you by Chris)
  4. Thank your Soul, Higher Power Nature for What you have in all seven areas of life. Gratitude builds energy. Anything you are not thankful for, fix.
  5. Write a daily message to yourself.
  6. Sit quietly and feel your seven visions manifesting and enjoy the experiences in your body
  7. Commit to your daily habits again and link your day ahead in all planned activities and appointments to your purpose and visions.
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