Your Purpose for the Innerwealth Power Hour

Remembering that anything that draws you inside yourself causes you not to TURN UP for others, which, as far as I can see, is the definition of a leader’s homework. A leader must TURN UP for others, and not get their own junk caught up with everybody they are trying to lead.

Now, junk isn’t nice. It’s fodder. Fodder is the stuff that we sprinkle on the veggie garden or spray over crops. It’s fertiliser – our crap. But crap makes flowers grow, and this is what the hour is all about. Using the “stuff” – the “junk” from yesterday to turn today into an awesome TURNED UP, TURNED ON, TURNED OUT Day in which you do amazing things in the direction of your vision, inspiration and purpose.

We’ve covered off the idea in another chapter of this book about not causing more trouble for yourself. Those things included, but aren’t limited to: not holding a grudge, not falling in love with an old memory of you, not getting obsessed with the future to escape the present, looking after your weight through eating and looking after your healthy immune system through exercise. It also included staying horny, keeping the spark alight and lighting your belly fire daily.

I’ve been doing this hour for a few years now. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s not. Even the moon phase makes a difference. The key that I’ve found is routine, an absolute “GOT TO” same old same routine every morning.

Here’s mine:

I wake around 5.00am snuggle for a minute and go pee. I then put of my sleepy tracksuit and head to the kitchen put the kettle on. While it’s boiling I make a warm lemon water just to wake my liver up. I put my yoga mat on the floor and do core exercises, focussing on my breathing and mentally thinking about my partner, falling in love with her.

After 10 minutes of core exercises, which include 3 sets of push ups to the max out, and some swiss ball Ab challenges from the Four Hour Body Book I break for coffee. While I’m making the coffee I also get my first breakfast protein shake ready and take my supplement pills. It takes about five minutes and I always think, in this time, about the gift I have of choices. I sit down and drink the coffee take the pills and sometimes the protein shake with humility by acknowledging those in the world who have nothing to eat, nothing to drink, or are at war and powerless to do much. I don’t feel sorry for them, I simply feel grateful for what I have. I feel compassion for them and then, after this five minutes I send some love to the world to make a contribution to those I know and those I don’t know what are suffering.

With the kick of the morning coffee and my mind becoming fully activated I go to the mental area of life. I get up and walk to a window or outside and start standing on one foot for balance, then the other, I do all sorts of toe lifts and heal lifts trying to do these with one leg, some one leg half squats or whatever. While I do this with nature in my view I think of the laws of nature, about evolving my mind, knowledge I have and can be thankful for. It’s a great session and after 7 or 8 minutes I feel so grounded it’s wonderful.

Then it’s time for career. I think through anything I’m grumpy about any client, friend, competitor or situation that’s making me grumpy, or even where I’ve started to take credit for achievements. and I just try to balance all that out so work is again something to look forward to.

I add financial to this too. I think about my net worth, my GAP between what I’ve got and what I want and fill it with “nothing is missing it just changes in form” for example maybe there’s a $20 million dollar gap between where i am and where I want to be, but instead of asking how to fill it, I simply say, “What form is my $20 million gap in right now?” it’s often in the blessings of my life I took for granted.

Then it’s healthy time. I vary this ten minutes but easily my favourite with my current back problem is the stationary bike. I get on, kick the Garmin into gear and warm up to my heart rate of 100 BPM then do thirty seconds sprints between recovery back to 100 BPM. During the sprints I work to get my heart rate up but the kep is simply flat out. My Garmin is set to time the 30 seconds and trigger the next thirty seconds when my heart rate recovers to 100 BPM so, all I need to do is go for 30 seconds and then recover as fast as possible. It’s an amazing workout. And I don’t need a gym, special clothes or a trainer. (just make sure kids don’t put their hand in the bike wheel which is a common accident for stationary bikes)…

FInally, I head to the shower for the day and in that time I do the spiritual areas. I think about the purpose of my life and all the seven visions I have, I even invest a few more visions of the future in the shower and always ask myself “how does having, or doing or being this thing I vision help me do my purpose in life?” I’m having fun linking all the areas even when I soap my hair or shave or wash my legs. I’m smiling in the shower.

Throughout this hour, I’m never far from a note pad. I jot stuff down that comes up so I don’t get my head caught trying to remember something from the last minute. It’s such a wonderful hour.

When the final alarm goes off to signal the end of the hour, I usually feel 100% ready for the day. Not excited, not worried. Ready to be available for others with all my stuff sorted and used for growth.

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