Innerwealth at Work

The skills for working on the business are totally different from those required for working in it. These include: imagination, visualisation, contemplation, and inspiration… and these skills are best harvested out playing golf, riding a bike, running a marathon or kayaking the oceans… Work and Play.

The Key is getting out in nature, not a gym or a yoga room. Getting outside under the sky with fun, intensity, aspiration, and competitive expectation so that you lose yourself completely in whatever you do. It’s not picking the kids up from school or running errands for the new carpet, or shopping for a new car… that’s private life. Work means work and golf, done with intensity is as important to a day’s work as starting the computer or making a call because to work on your business you need to be using imagination and imagination and inspiration only happen when you are intensely focussed on something other than what you want to be inspired about…. interesting isn’t it?

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