Nature Based Life Coaching Saves You Time and Money

A Life coach is holistic in their own life and in the advice they share. They are a generalist because as nature teaches, over-specialisation leads to extinction. Chris Walker

Holistic advice saves you time and money. Fragmented advice costs you time and money. If you improve your money like I did but lose your mind, or family, you will not be impressed with your choices in life. You’ll probably sit on your expensive yacht and wish you’d been smarter.

In 1982, my company was on a high. My accountants gave me great advice about money. I followed their advice and made more of it. But in 1984, it all turned to mud, I became a wealthy poor guy, successful with money, lousy as a human being. The reason for this dichotomy at a time when I should have been flourishing in both areas was that the advice I sought in financial matters was not paralleled in business and personal matters. I became blind sided by my own enthusiasm.

It took me five whole years to recover and get everything working in harmony again. Just in time for more stuff to hit the fan.



It was then that I resolved to spend the rest of my life giving holistic advice to entrepreneurs and business leaders. To do this, I needed to study and master seven whole areas of life, not just one. I studied Financial and Career Mastery in an MBASpiritual Mastery in Nepal and Japan, Health Mastery in India and Tibet, Relationship Mastery in the USA for three years, Social Mastery I studied in Canada and Mental Mastery in the USA, Australia and Canada with Dr Demartini…

Why nature’s law is important for anyone who gives advice to anyone else is because it teaches you cause and effect. Hence, if you raise the financial net worth of an individual it is wise also to raise their self-worth, relationship disciplines and health care otherwise a new demon creeps into their life and sabotages all the wealth you’ve helped them create….

Another example of this is when a motivational guru comes to town and inspires people to achieve their dreams and goals. In the audience, a significant percentage of the paying group will go backward and end with a negative net result because sometimes achieving our dreams exclude looking after the things that make those achievements enjoyable. Sometimes they teach a sacrificial strategy of focus on goals and don’t worry about the cost.

Yes, great financial advice is specialised advice but the best financial consultants probably don’t claim to he best at relationship advice, they are not all of life coaches. So it’s up to you to choose balanced advice. The life coach you choose, must  be able to help you keep that financial advice in context to the other areas of your life, so you don’t end up becoming a rich poor person. Or by going to a spiritual workshop turn into a poor but loving person.

There is no need for compromise in any area of life, you can have it all as long as the advice you get about relationship, business, financial, social, career, health and spirituality is not separated.
Holistic advice saves you time and money. Fragmented advice costs.
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