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If You Come Home Tired, You Need to Change Your Process

If you come home from work with less energy than you went to work with in the morning, something is seriously wrong.

Chris Walker

Imagine an athlete who ran all day from 9.00am until 6.00pm, went home, did stuff then started again the next day, same routine. You can’t. Because athletes need recovery time. They need to become conditioned to perform but they need recovery time in between events. Like at the Australian Kayak selection trials athletes had to race 12 races in one day, flat-out. What do you think they did during the breaks? Do you think they:

  1. just hung out with mates?
  2. Cleaned their car?
  3. Or did serious recovery process?

Of course it’s 3. Now go to the average working day, and ask, “when do these people recuperate and the answer will be, “probably never.”

Time for change? Because standing at the coffee machine or going to the bank at lunch time is not recuperation.. Do you know how to recuperate at work every hour?

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