The Holiday Lifestyle .. Permanently on Vacation

Standing at Gokyo Sacred Lakes 5,200 meters altitude.. and lovin it

Where do people go for their holidays? Most go to the beach, the countryside or the forest… and why? Because they relax, enjoy the fresh air and “get away from it all”

What’s the “it” that they need to get away from? Work, worry, stress, traffic, pressure, and routines that are repetitive and monotonous, unproductive. So, I went to nature, observed people and how they thrive in nature and bought back the secrets of a country holiday and applied them to everyday life.

BALANCED  … there are many ways to balance our lives, but the most effective is not to get unbalanced in the first place. So, we dive into the cause of imbalance, and make sure, if and when it happens, that we have the skills to rebalance, anytime, anywhere… it feels great to be in control.

CENTRED … we find centred people attractive, we love feeling centred and when we’re uncensored we’re not only dangerous to ourselves, we’re a loose cannon around others too. So, getting centred and staying there is an awesome feeling, one that we love on holidays so, here are the skills to stay centred.

CALM.. nothing good happens when we’re overwhelmed, busy and manic. Nobody wants to be around us, our kids don’t respect us and our work load is going to multiply by 4 because we’ll be taking twice as long to do most things and doing most things twice.

So, in a coaching session I help you breakthrough whatever is keeping you from enjoying your permanent life holiday and give you the skills to maintain it. No bull, nature’s law, straight talk.

BOOKINGS …Choose a one off session ($600 – $800) Twelve months coaching ($600 – $1200 per month) or the 30 Day Personal Challenge  ($1200 – $3600) – (All fees adjustable based on means).

Phone Australia +61 417209636 … or email Chris here

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