City Life With the Benefit of Country Lifestyle


City Life with the Benefits of Being in Nature

Millions of people crammed into cities and it’s growing fast and city people are different: more competitive, challenged, self determined and ambitious. It’s all wonderful, but there’s a cost.

People are different in nature. More balanced, creative, generous and understanding. In nature people still compete, face challenge, are self determined and ambitious, but it’s different. Something special is there and this is what I want to bring back into city life.

We go to nature to relax and balance our life, to play and be with family and friends. We inherently know the benefits of being in nature, and yet, when we go to work or close the doors in our homes, we so easily forget, and then we become synthetic people, inventing our own reality, emotionally disturbed and ego-centric. It doesn’t have to be that harsh.

I went bush and discovered what makes people so different in nature. It’s not just nature and clean air and trees or the lack of invasion by commercial intensity, it’s something else. When we go to nature, somehow, we tune into that radio station that is nature, we get smarter, better and this, I believe is the essence of it. We intuitively know the Laws of Nature and feel good, do good and be good people when we remember them.

I’ve distilled the laws of nature into packages that can come home with you from nature. Packages that, I hope, will help you run your work life better, your health better and be a better person in your world. It’s like taking a permanent holiday, living and working like you are in nature but doing it right here in the city.

Sea change is nice, green change is great, but why run? Why not reap the gifts of the social, educational and financial benefits of being in a city AND have the gifts of living in nature. That’s my promise.. a permanent holiday retreat right here, right in the middle of your real, contributing, exciting, artistic and entrepreneurial city life.

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