Bring the Gifts of the Countryside to the Heart of the City

Hello World.

I want to give you a little present.

You know people are different in nature, right? I meant they are usually more tolerant, kind, creative and generous, well at least that’s what I found after running many retreats for stressed corporate people.

So, I went and found out why… and made some Amazon books and corporate training programs about it.

The whole idea is why wait? I mean, if people are great out in nature, why not find out what makes it so, and bring it back to the urban jungle – like work and family. That way, we can be happier, healthier people without having to pack our bags and go on holiday to recuperate. We can live in the city and have a country life.

Like when my clients come trekking in Nepal or Bhutan, they’re really happy, inspired in fact but I always ask them if they’d love to feel like that everyday when they get back home and the answer is a resounding, “yes please.”

  1. You can find the laws of nature explained in my book set “Nature’s Laws of Life”
  2. Add my blog to your RSS Feed or daily email to just keep in touch and stay Natured-up
  3. Make a big commitment and come and learn, be guided and coached so you can help others.. Nature’s laws really do solve problems and heal hurts. Getting out in Nature in the CIty is the first step

So, here we go, join me, and thousands of others on this wonderful earth who do really love nature and want to live in the city with the gifts of nature.

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