000’s of Years of Wisdom Distilled

through 49 Years of Trial and Error



Self-Sufficiency – Builds a lifestyle in which you do what you love and love what you do and get paid a fortune for doing it.

Self-Sufficiency – Builds deep, loving and romantic relationships and subsequently, great family life. Balanced in all seven areas of life.

Self-Sufficiency – You follow your own star, make a difference, be a REAL model for those you care about.

Self-Sufficiency – You have time for fun, to relax, enjoy the fruits of your efforts, you celebrate life and build a holiday lifestyle. Work when you want, balance it, play often.

Self-Sufficiency – Life is spectacular. Leadership is brilliant. Resilience is 5 star. You trust yourself. You grow and others grow with you.

Self-Sufficiency – That’s what Chris Walker coaches. Saving you the all too familiar waste of time and money, learning from experience. Wisdom is cheaper and way less painful.

Evolve at Work.

Better Leadership

Quality of Life.