But you will try.

Good morning good afternoon wherever you are.

My name is Chris Walker and I am the CEO of Innerwealth technologies.

I sell wisdom.

A fight with nature cannot be one but we try. All of us. We celebrate free will, and as a result, fall into the traps of it. My coaching, backed by 40 years of trial and error, presents thousands of years of wisdom distilled into the universal laws of nature.

Wisdom is an expensive toy. We spend far too many years gaining it, far too many accidents collecting it, and far too many consequences of not having it. And that is the core of Innerwealth. To prevent waste of time and life in the collection of wisdom that can be applied in all aspects of life.

I never learnt anything from a book. I’ve written 35 of them and have not still read one. My teacher is the inspiration of nature. I’ve taken thousands of people to the Himalayas of Nepal, to the remote wilderness of Canada, to the outback of Australia and the beauty and charm of Bali and Asia. People are different in nature. This is without question. The challenge we all have is to bring the difference back home to our urban environment.

what is in your heart today? Sometimes in the pursuit of excellence we stand on our own shoelaces. Sometimes in attempting to be the best parent, the best employee, the best leader, our best self will become at war with ourselves and others. The wisdom of Innerwealth transcends that unfortunately all too common path.

I created a 30 day challenge in which the outline of this ancient wisdom developed for the modern era can be learnt and applied. In this 30 days we call it Back In Track, because, it is finding a path to being inspired at work, at home, within ourselves and in life. And inspired happy person is a great leader. And the world needs great leaders, at all levels of life right now more than ever.

Innerwealth Executive Development

Training and Development

We provide highly interactive simple and practical knowledge
and skill training across a wide range of capabilities. Our programs are fully tailored from our suite of content and modules and are delivered either in a traditional face-to-face or as blended learning

Executive Coaching

We provide one-on-one Executive Coaching to
support culture alignment, executive alignment, leadership
and management development.
Coaching is a crucial part of an executives development and is also extremely powerful in amplifying the effect of training and development.

Onsite Workshops

We help teams and groups work through problems, gain ideas and facilitate development, in
order to deliver specific outcomes. The sessions can be challenging or inspiring depending
on the need. They are focused ensuring there is a clear and focussed energy that will drive the
team forward.

Offsite Facilitation

One of our great strengths is in facilitating leadership and management teams to achieve alignment. clarity and focus.
Facilitation also helps build relationships for teams embarking on change. It is one of
the most important first stages in achieving executive alignment.


We provide general mentoring, support and guidance as a way of
being a sounding board for senior executives. This approach is often
preferred to coaching when there is already a high level of self-


We have a great track record of helping leaders and managers resolve conflict individually or between small
groups when the issues relate to behaviour, communication or



We are adept in personal development outside of the workplace including domestic and personal matters and have a powerful list of celebrities and leaders whose confidentiality is crucial. Helping individuals resolve personal issues to turn up at work is a vital key in our executive coaching.


Our experience as a keynote speaker and conference presenter, helps inspire large
audiences in leadership and self-leadership. Using the theme of being paid to lead people into dangerous places from our 57 journeys guiding people to high altitude in the Himalayas.

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